Notícia publicada em: 20/11/2012 às: 08:29:30
Por: Fateb
O artigo da Profa. Dra. Renata de Freitas Góis foi aprovado na revista SPIE Reviews

A Profª. Dra. Renata de Freitas Góis teve um artigo aprovado em revista internacional de imagens médicas –SPIE Reviews, uma publicação da International Society for Optics and Photonics. O artigo é referente ao sistema desenvolvido na sua tese de doutorado intitulado “Software de digitalização automática baseado na curva característica dos digitalizadores de filmes mamográficos”.

Segue abaixo o resumo do artigo e o link de acesso da revista:

Automatic scanning software based on the characteristic curve of mammograms

Mammogram acquisition in digital format is one of the most relevant steps for image processing in CAD (computer-aided detection) schemes for mammography. This work investigates film digitizers systems using different technologies to determine their influence on the results of mammography images segmentation schemes. It also provides image scanning process regardless the technology, by the development of automatic software based on the digitizers’ characteristic curves. Comparative assessment of digitizer properties and features was performed as well as the software for managing the digitized image acquisition. The images were obtained from six different digitizers and evaluated by means of statistical analysis. Tests were conducted for comparing the responses from each equipment, regarding their respective curves, and they have presented significant variations relatively to the original characteristic curve of high quality films used as reference – which largely influence the performance of processing schemes applied on sets of mammography images digitized by those systems. However, when our proposed scanning software was applied with intensity transformation procedure based on the characteristic curve “correction”, the images were comparable to the film optical density, which has quite improved the processing techniques performance. The results have pointed out it is possible to achieve high sensitivity and performance of such schemes even with low cost digitizer systems, since their quality characteristics are well known and the procedure herein proposed is used within the mammogram scanning process.